Secure Long-Term Performance

End Seals for Ink Chamber Systems

To ensure your operations perform optimally, precision-shaped end seals are customized to fit without fail.

Custom End Seal Capabilities

Provident offers a complete selection of FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE end seals that deliver long-lasting performance and are important in extending the life of your doctor blades. These seals outperform the competition because of superior materials and a proprietary machining process that creates a better seal. We offer a variety of hardnesses in felt, foam, and rubber/felt combinations.

HIGH PRECISION seals with very strict tolerances. High quality and definition of seal’s contact surface with cylinder. TOP flexibility: manufacturing out of sample or a drawing, low cost tests and small lots.

Sample Our Custom Cut End Seals Today!

Request a free sample of our end seals. Any type, cut to your dimensions and delivered to your shop. See how AquaShear™ cut end seals can make a difference for your print production.

Provident End Seals

Precision Cut End Seals

Get a sharper edge with Provident end seals manufactured using AquaShear™, a proprietary precision machining process that eliminates distortion and extends seal life.

Traditional die-cutting processes produce irregular, concave sealing edges which affects quality and consistency. Explore Provident end seals for flexo printing and production.

NO DIE REQUIRED! Reduced cost, faster turn-around. Custom Flex end seals are CAD designed and digitally archived. There is no die required with our proprietary AquaShear™ machining process. You save time, labor and material! Digital archiving means you get the same precise end seals with every order. Plus, small tweaks and changes are easily made to digital end seal files.

End Seal Resources

Check out our blogs related to end seals. From when to know your seals go bad, to picking better end seals, Provident experts are here to help you with your needs.

End Seal FAQs

Have a question about end seals or other products? Browse common questions or get in touch with a Provident expert.

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