The Power of Virtual Service


In a world of travel restrictions, we at Provident have been looking hard for the best ways to maintain the level of support our customers need. Like you, we are adapting to different ways of doing business while encouraging customers to keep moving forward.


We are taking advantage of phone and video technology to connect with our customers across the United States. By going virtual, we now have the ability to identify and help solve problems surrounding your ink system that may be compromising quality, slowing production, and stressing your team and customers.


We can do much of what you need remotely. Our TSRs (Technical Sales Representatives) can identify and solve problems such as back doctoring, scoring, blade sizing, chamber pressure, and end seal problems, and more—all remotely.


Words and Pictures


To get started, fire up FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, or your favorite app for cellular and video communications. Head over to the press that is not running quite the way you’d like and dial up your TSR (contact info below). Use your phone’s camera to show them what is going on and talk them through the details. By seeing and asking questions about the current situation in real time, a TSR will often be able to diagnose the problem and come up with a solution. They may also be able to get parts to you and provide virtual support for a repair or part installation so you can be productive again.


This remote support for your ink system is available only from Provident. While it won’t be quite as good having your favorite TSR on your shop floor, it’s as close as we can get during the Age of the Coronavirus. So, call your TSR today. As always, they are here to solve your ink system problems and are waiting for your call.


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